Meet Jewelg, the mommy behind the brand! Her Trinidadian roots have a lot to play with her persona. She likes to consider herself as being honey with a sprinkle of cayenne pepper!

Moved to Florida with her family to study Psychology, got married at age 21, and had 3 beautiful bundles of joy shortly after. Jewel worked in Insurance for quite some time and did very well. But she always had that desire for creating and exhausting her God given gifts and talents.

She always craved more.

Her career path then shifted. She started to discover a passion for women; moms in particular. Style, health, and self care had always been a part of her genetic makeup, and she refused to give it up just because she now held the accolades of wife and mom.

Jewel studied Nutrition and started encouraging women and moms to take care of themselves. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. From there she also developed a passion for writing and contributed to numerous companies as well. Her love for style began to evolve as well.

She lost her mom, dad, grand-mom, sister in law, and endured some intense hurt due to these tragic experiences.

But Jewel lives by the motto, “There is purpose in your pain”. Her heart is to create a space where women and moms feel loved, enriched, refreshed, special, and valued. A community where individuals can hold all their many “titles”, but still be who they were created to be.

A place to thrive, flourish, and soar.

Style influencer, innovator, wellness advocate, wife, and momtasker are some titles she hold. But grace is truly her driving force. Jewel is the epitome of wearing many hats, while maintaining a wholesome state.

Some of her favorite locutions: “ I have never been a person who was fond of titles, but wife & mom are some pretty dope ones”. “Exhaust your gifts, discover all of who you were handcrafted to be, and laugh as much as you breathe”. “Is it organic?” “I think I’m obsessed with street style”. “peace, love, jewelg”.

John 8:36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.