My DIY edible mask for clearer skin!

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

Okay loves so let’s talk skin! I know that I’ve shared some amazing things that I put in my body with regards to food and I’ve also shared a few of my favored fitness regimes. But now I wanted to share some topical gems that I put on my skin. And the first one up is my edible face mask. 

There are several things that contribute to clearer skin. Some of which include your diet, water intake, environmental factors, stress levels, hormonal changes, lifestyle, or even your genetic makeup. 

When I was in High school I never struggled with my skin. And to be honest I don’t think I was big on utilizing organic and wholesome products as I am now. But my mom always ensured that I got facials and I always learned that you should not pick your breakouts, especially with dirty hands. That was the holy grail! 

In my twenties, my skin was extremely clear as well. But, next came the good ole thirties, and it was like my skin and I started to have some serious issues in our relationship! I became exposed to larger amounts of stress in my life as well. The loss of my dad and mom contributed to disturbances in my sleep pattern, poor dietary choices, and my skin started screaming! My breakouts became more frequent and I was also not able to get them under control. My favorite products, which at this point were organic, wholesome and eco friendly, were simply not working well for me. 

So I started researching a lot about skin care. I was really interested in how to heal your skin naturally. I mean I tried it all. Spirulina masks, changing up my products, and so much more! I felt embarrassed and ashamed of my skin too. 

Throughout that very exhausting and extensive journey, there were some gems that really worked well for me. I wanted to share a few of my top ones with you lovelies. 

  1. Change your pillow case and face towel often. 

  2. Wash your makeup brushes often.

  3. Drink lots of alkaline water and stay away from sweets. 

  4. Consume lots of berries and dark leafy greens. 

  5. Get good amounts of sleep. 

  6. Try to get your stress levels under control. Be happy! 

  7. Use clean, natural and organic products as best as you can. 

There was also one mask that superseded the others as well. This mask is simple, effective and it’s edible too! It’s anti-bacterial, contains antioxidant properties, aids with getting rid of dark spots and it’s a rich source of vitamin C. These will all contribute to making your skin shine brightly! 

Here’s how you make it:

Ingredients- of course I use organic and the purest forms of these as best as I can.

2 tablespoons of manuka honey (you can use raw honey as well)

1 teaspoon of turmeric 


Combine your honey and turmeric until you reach your desired consistency. I prefer for it to be more of a thicker consistency. I put the mask on after I cleanse my skin at night and I leave it on for about 30 mins. or so before I wash it off. I usually do this mask like twice a week.

That’s pretty much all it entails. You can also play around with the amounts you use for the the ingredients as well. 

I store the mask in a small mason jar and it lasts for about 1 week in the refrigerator. 

This mask is brightening and it truly treats acne and breakouts very well. Turmeric will make your face very sensitive under sunlight. Hence the reason why I do it at night. But it all depends on what my skin is saying to me. If you’re doing it in the daytime, I would definitely follow up with extra sunscreen. 

So there you have it my loves. I am no a skin guru, but I am passionate about natural and organic remedies, and just ensuring that you feel good about yourself no matter what the condition of your skin might be in. It’s about healing it in a healthy way. And loving yourself in-spite of! And if you tend to have problematic skin, be patient with the healing process and remember you are beautiful!

Have you ever tried this mask? What’s one of your favorite natural face masks? Leave me a comment below. 

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