My new glass straw addiction!

Photo credit: Google

Photo credit: Google

Yes my loves you heard it right, glass straws! Have you heard about them? These gems are now on my favorites list. My family and I have been striving to implement ways in which we can contribute to being more environmentally responsible. We figured that if each one of us do our small but significant parts, it will make a huge difference.

So I was shopping at Whole Foods a few weeks ago, and I came across glass straws while I was waiting on my regular beet smoothie. It was so interesting to me. So of course when I left the store, I started researching more about them.

Glass straws are way more environmental friendly than traditional plastic straws. Plastic straws are a one-time-use and cannot be recycled. So they end up in landfills and our oceans as little micro-particles. You can wash and reuse glass straws, therefore you would not be contributing to the waste.

Most modern glass straws are made from borosilicate, which makes it shatter-resistant, break-resistant, and usable in cold and hot temperatures. So they are very safe for kids to use. And they do not contain toxic chemicals that can seep into your children’s drink or mouth, like some plastic straws do. Glass straws are BPA-free, toxin and lead free as well.

All the terminologies I love to hear!

At first I thought it would be a bit strange drinking from them, but my family and I quickly adjusted! I double dare you to try them my loves. I found the ones I have on Amazon and I absolutely adore them. They come with a brush cleaner as well.

Let’s cheers to contributing to saving and bettering our planet earth. And to living the happiest and healthiest lives we possibly can!

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