Creative & cool Summer ideas for kids!

Hi my loves! Are you ready for Summer Summer Summertime? Well ready or not it is here. My kids are already on their Summer break. It’s such a great time to just re-group, refresh, engage in quality time and make new priceless memories. 

But most times we are plagued with the familiar words from our precious children, “I’m bored” or “What are we doing today?” And sometimes that could get just a tad bit overwhelming. 

Our kids usually just want a space to create, have fun, be themselves, experience new things, learn and grow. But sometimes the activeness of our schedules, our mental capacities and just being human restraints our abilities to constantly come up with creative and fun activities. 

But have no fear my loves! I have you covered. I decided to share this post to provide a bit of assistance to all you moms, parental units and caretakers out there. And trust me when I say these work extremely well. 

  1. Create a schedule.

So what I normally do is create a daily schedule for them ahead of time. This usually consists of select times that they would do certain things. For example at 9am we eat breakfast, 10am we do devotions, 11am we read, 12:30 pm we do Math, 3pm we leave the house, 5:30pm we go to the pool or engage in some sort of outdoor activity and so on. 

2. Become best friends with your local library. 

Get them library memberships at your local library. It’s usually free and they have a plethora of programs for the kids as well. And it’s an excellent way to ensure they’re reading consistently even throughout their Summer break which is extremely important.

3. The ticket system. 

This one truly helps to maintain the peace! If you have more that one like me, you will need to ensure you have a peaceful flow. The ticket system is like a reward system. So for example, if you help with the dishes, or you behave kindly, you get a ticket. And then at the end of the week the person who has the most tickets will receive a special prize.

4. Find out about local kids friendly events in your community.

There are usually a lot of Summer activities that organizations and the cities put on during the Summertime. It’s all about being in the know. So find out my loves! 

5. Purchase or look around your home for some Art supplies.

These come in very handy! Crayons, markers, canvases, color pencils, glitter, and just everything that helps to make a great portrait or design some piece of art. The kids love having that time to create, draw, color and simply be. 

6. Dance parties! 

These are a must do in our home. Turn on some music and just let them dance! Simplicity is greatness. Sometimes we play freeze dance as well. 

7. Stock up on fruit and healthy snacks!

I can’t stress on this one enough. These munchkins love to eat! So ensure that you have healthy snacks and fruit readily available. Buying them in bulk, like at your local Costco or warehouse helps too.

8. Get workbooks and material for the next grade. 

This is something we have been incorporating in our home for a couple years now. It truly makes a difference in their academics. And it keeps their little minds inspired and motivated. 

9. Beach time! 

Beach time is truly a must for Summertime. We love going in the afternoon when it’s not too hot. We pack snacks, loads of water, fruit, beach gear like balls and buckets, and we just relax and enjoy. 

10. Plan a trip. 

Pick a kid friendly destination and make it happen. We normally have a separate savings for Summer, and we try booking in advance because this always saves on the overall cost of the trip. Road trips are always exciting too. 

11. Let them help in the kitchen!

Whether you bake some cupcakes (make sure it’s organic and vegan of course lol), or if you’re making lunch, let those little helping hands be present. Kids love to help in the kitchen. It gives them a sense of worth, teaches them vital life skills and it’s fun! 

12. Enroll them in an activity or program that nurtures their gifts. 

For example, my son loves Soccer, so getting him into a Summer camp, or hiring a Soccer coach would be avenues that we look into. So maybe your child loves ballet, a ballet camp would be beneficial or a ballet class. Or maybe your child is into theatre, so enrolling them into an acting class would be amazing. 

Summertime can truly be such a joyous time once you plan, prepare and embrace each moment. Sometimes your plans get shifted as well, and that’s A okay too. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to simply ensure that you engage in quality time with your kids and loved ones.Let’s cheers to the best Summer ever!

I hope these ideas helped. I would love to hear some of yours as well. 

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